live edge

Hi everyone,
Well one more week has gone by and I still have not heard back from the AG. We did get one response almost 3 weeks ago asking for clarification on a few things and we immediately responded. The lawyer I am working with is fairly familiar with the AG’s office and said that typically they respond quickly after getting responses. Well not this time, they must be busy.
I know I said I would have final prices on the houses done at least a week ago and I did not do that. The pricing is complicated and I really want to get it right so I do not pull a bait and switch on anyone and I of course I have my day job that takes up a huge amount of time. Regardless, I am narrowing in on them. Hoping my excavator gets back to me over the weekend on a elaboration I need from him and the wall system fabricator gets back to me on Monday and I will be DONE!!
The base prices will be turnkey and include:
Cabinets 5-6,000
Appliances 5,000
plastic laminate countertops
Large natural wood window sills; live-edge if you want it : )
First floor flooring will be the polished concrete cut and grouted to achieve 3′ x 3′ large format tile look
Second floor will be carpet and tile in the bath
Air conditioning
Heat recovery ventilator
Air source heat pumps
Hardwood stairs
Marvin All Ultrex Integrity high performing windows
Concrete exterior sills with horns
Concrete front porch with Locust from the property for porch posts
Price will not include the solar panels those have to be purchased by the owner due to NYS incentive programs. The house is prepared and ready for PV installation.
Please keep in mind you will not be paying for utilities other than the basic service charge
HOA fees are now on the website under Amabel Homes and Spaces