Sustainable Tompkins has issued the Finger Lakes Energy Challenge. They write:

Sustainable Tompkins has joined the call for a statewide ban on hydrofracking until all concerns and all costs are competently addressed by the drilling industry and the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation. However, we strongly believe that we must be willing to take a systems approach to the issue of natural gas drilling. If we want to reduce the supply of gas flowing from the Marcellus, then we have to prove that we are also willing to take the time, and make the investments, to decrease our demand for natural gas and fossil fuels.

…New Earth Living and the Amabel Pocket Neighborhood accept this challenge!

We have brought together the best practices of sustainability, intentional communities and in-fill development to create a replicable urban real estate development model called the Pocket Neighborhood. Pocket Neighborhoods preserve arable land and natural spaces, produce food, support local agriculture, conserve resources, and fulfill a social need to be connected and supported, in a meaningful, engaging environment.

The houses are built using the German Passivhaus technology for ultra-energy efficiency, with a goal of carbon neutrality and a minimum of 80% reduction in fossil fuel use and green house gases. These small villages with their small ecological footprint and focus on quality of life are the model for the future.